Magic is not new. It’s as old as time itself. It has seeped into the world around us and into physical form. It’s held within objects that have lived a life past. That our ancestors held and used in their daily life. Imagine holding something that was held and used thirty, forty and fifty years ago. All that magic and energy that seeped into it. That is held in its very body of design. It’s a keeper of a magical source. Sisters of the Mists products use vintage items as their base encompassing that energy of past times. Reworking the magic, empowering the item as a vessel for you to add your own energy and design into it. The creation of your own personalised Talisman and amulets for your needs, wishes and dreams. Adding your own custom additions to connect to your essence and create your own enchantment that is full of potent power and energy.

Amulets have long been utilised by our ancestors to promote good health, prosperity, protection, love and many other forms of use. These amulets are made from vintage pomanders that have been cleansed and charged with magical empowerment to bring about the required need.

 They all ready hold an amazing energy due to their age and have been embellished with vintage beads and ribbons to bring focus to the enchantment.

 They can be used as Spell  Holders or Wish Keepers and personalised with your own adornments and individual additions. Each comes with a small bag of home grown organic herbs, 5/8 dram of Essence of Avalon hand blended infused oil, and Crystal chips to place into the vessel upon receipt along side your own items to fully empower and awaken the Amulet.

 Each item is unique and no two are the same. Bespoke orders can be commissioned with specific colours and embellishments for your requirements.

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