Large Earth Mothers

Designed by Artist and Elder Priestess Julie Tucker and handmade by Elder Priestess Phiona Hutton.


Taking us back to the traditional form of poppets and spirit dolls that would have been crafted by our ancestors as they gathered the earth from beneath their feet and shaped it into a basic human form to represent their need and requirement. Filled with herbs, personal items, scent and stones to empower the essence and to create a human bond and connection. Breathing life into it and working with its energy and creation to bring about a focused and concentrated energy.


The Earth Mother Shoppe Earth Mother’s are crafted from British Terracotta air drying clay. Each one holds a uniqueness in the way it is shaped and formed and holds its own character. They can be placed on an Altar or Shrine, worked as a poppet, fetish or similar to a healing or worry stone. As they are formed from Air Drying Clay so that once the requirement has been attained they can be placed outside upon the earth as an offering where they become a part of the elements and cycle and slowly dissolve back into the earth