The Protection Amulet brings about the specific need for protective power. Protecting our spaces, homesteads and being from negativity, ill intent, psychic harm, negative thoughts or action.

Working on the higher frequency for the souls aspect, this Amulet is enchanted to protect. The Protection embodiment that is required to shield, defend, deflect and guard.

Protection prevents negative energy from taking hold and influencing the essence of the being and personal spaces. Keeping all that is within its boundary safe from harm.

To place a Protection Amulet within the Homestead gifts deep safe keeping and defence against intrusive thoughts, harm and aids in securing the psychic form.

With the addition of herbs, oils and crystals for protection that are carefully blended and placed within the charmed vessel the amulet begins to awaken. Additional items are placed within, to bring bespoke connection for the petition and need. All handcrafted by Phiona within the Full Moon to empower and harness the full Protective element of the moons aspect.

An protection amulet placed in the home can bring self defence on a spiritual plane and enhance the physical form. Fortifying the earths natural protective energy, wielding and shaping it to your needs and requirements.

Protection Amulets can be customised and bespoke commissions created for specific needs and requirements

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