Flower Essences

Flower Essences

Flower essences are harvested locally by Phiona always at the seasonal point of the year. Harvested fresh and not stored they are created within a day of being gathered to utilise the vibrational energy of the plant and flower.

Flower Essences are some of the most gentle yet powerful vibrational energy that can support or journey of the physical form as it navigates through the challenges of life.

Each flower essence holds the magical essence of the plant and is infused to harness the full aspect of the medicine.

Essences are hand made in small batches and not throughout the year, but only at the time of their season. Once they sell out from the Apothecary they are not remade until the following cycle.

Thus creating a connection to the land and her cycle and of local vibrational medicine. Aiding the physical form to align to the cycle and seasons to balance and heal.

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