Enchantment Spell Bottle Workshop

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Enchantment Spell Bottle Workshop


Join Phiona or a magical workshop creating your own personalised and bespoke enchantment spell bottle. Choosing from one of many reclaimed Victorian bottles that have been recovered from the earth and adding your own items for personalisation (such as hair, photos, nail clippings). During the workshop you will be guided in how to select items along with those provided for you by Phiona, cleanse, enchant and imbue for your magical intentions. Bringing them together with oils, herbs, charms and wax and within a sacred space to awaken the magic of your own design. For years Enchantment spell bottles have been utilised in a magical home for peace, prosperity, protection and healing, for the self or gifted to others.


"Within vintage vessel, unearthed from beneath the soil, the magic doth begin. For there it laid dormant and waiting from the life it served before. Through season and year, family and kin.
Into the hands of the Priestess it fell, blessed, preserved and charged. To awaken the energy of its form and life and for the Enchantment to begin. With twist of smoke and incense lit, the vessel bursts into life. Of breath it takes and shape it holds for the energy to underpin. Charged with reason, petition and intent. Filled with herb, hair and bone. Laced with oils, resin and wax. Feather, nail and stone. Chant of old fills the space, with deep resonating sound. Then candle lit and placed within for the enchantment spell to begin."


These are in Person Workshops and are limited to groups of 4 to ensure the magic is held during the time together and the space to create your magical item.


Workshops are always held on the third Sunday of the month 1pm- 4pm UK time

Our Next workshop will be Sunday November 20th


Workshops are £85 and includes all items required to create your bespoke magical piece.

Payment is payable at the time of booking and 30 days prior to the workshop date.

If booking more than one Winter Workshop you are gifted 10% off

All payments are non refundable unless cancelled by Sanctum of the Priestess.