Tisanes is the ancient art of blending herbs, flowers, leaves and roots for optimum healing and magical application.

Herbs have been brewed in alchemy form from the beginning of time to aid healing, and magical working.

Today teas are made as a cuppa to quench thirst and accompany food. This is far removed from the ceremonial practice of blending and steeping a combination of blended aramatic herbs to bring about heightened application for its required and desired effect.

Tisanes should be viewed as a sacred rite in their decoction as they pull together and compliment the aroma and taste to embody a truly heightened sensory connection.

Tisanes can be utilised to support a magical awakening alongside a healing journey to empower, aid and support the physical systems.

A Tisane has multiple uses. Once steeped and the liquid consumed the macerated herbs that remain can be added to spring water and used as a wash for spaces such as doors and windows for protection, cleansing and purifying. They can also be added to a bath to align the outer aspect with the inner. They can be dried and hung in pouches to aid the energy in magical form. They can be used as offerings, added to incense or fires and once completely finished added to the compost to become nutritious food for the Great Mother.

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