Inner Child

The Inner-child Amulet 

The Inner-child Amulet brings about the specific need for healing and embracing the Inner-child. We all hold the inner child within our being. Sometimes they have become lost, frightened, hurt, abandoned, rejected or abused. Shutting them away in refusal to acknowledge their needs. Yet finding the way through our adult behaviours and reactions.

Working on the higher frequency for the souls aspect, this Amulet is enchanted to awaken The Inner Child embodiment that is required to embrace a life of balance and harmonious living.

Inner child gifts the opportunity of healing and release, recognising the Inner Child as part of the cycle of life. Hugging them for the first time in full recognition as part of the self. A damaged part that requires nurture and self care.

To place an Inner Child Amulet within the Homestead opens the beginning of a friendship from within. Of acceptance of behaviours, reactive decisions and though processes.

With the addition of herbs, oils and crystals for the Inner Child that are carefully blended and placed within the charmed vessel the amulet begins to awaken. Additional items are placed within, to bring bespoke connection for the petition and need. All handcrafted by Phiona within the Full Moon to empower and harness the full Inner child element of the moons aspect.

An Inner child amulet placed in the home can bring openness and relieve the resistance of change, to the self, situations, circumstances and relationships. embarking on deep healing and resolution.

Inner Child Amulets can be customised and bespoke commissions created for specific needs and requirements

Regular price £60.00
Regular price £60.00