Amulet Workshop

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Amulet Workshop


Join Phiona for a magical workshop creating your own personalised and bespoke Amulet, Utilising vintage pomanders that were widely used in the 70's and 80's and have been carefully collected and cleansed. They make ideal vessel holders for amulets, to hold and store herbs, petitions, and materials to manifest, protect and heal. During the workshop you will be guided in how to select items along with those provided for you by Phiona, cleanse, enchant and imbue for your magical intentions.


Magic is not new. It’s as old as time itself. It has seeped into the world around us and into physical form. It’s held within objects that have lived a life past. That our ancestors held and used in their daily life. Imagine holding something that was held and used thirty, forty and fifty years ago. All that magic and energy that seeped into it. That is held in its very body of design. It’s a keeper of a magical source.


Earth Mother Shoppe Amulets use vintage items as their base encompassing that energy of past times. Reworking the magic, empowering the item as a vessel for you to add your own energy and design into it. The creation of your own personalised amulets for your needs, wishes and dreams. Adding your own custom additions to connect to your essence and create your own enchantment that is full of potent power and energy.


Amulets have long been utilised by our ancestors to promote good health, prosperity, protection, love and many other forms of use. These amulets are made from vintage pomanders that have been cleansed and charged with magical empowerment to bring about the required need. They already hold an amazing energy due to their age and have been embellished with vintage beads and ribbons to bring focus to the enchantment.


They can be used as Spell Holders, Dream holders or Wish Keepers and personalised with your own adornments and individual additions. Each can be added to with home grown herbs harvested from the Herbary that compliment the specific purpose of its creation. Along with hand blended infused oils, and crystal chippings. Further enhanced for the personal requirement with nature based and locally foraged seasonal items. Each can also hold the addition of personal adornments such as nail clippings and hair to bring about deep connection to the amulet for powerful embodiment. All are carefully placed into the vessel to fully empower and awaken the Amulet. 


These are in Person Workshops and are limited to groups of 4 to ensure the magic is held during the time together and the space to create your magical item.


Workshops are always held on Sunday 1pm- 4pm UK time

Our Next workshop will be Sunday January 15th 


Workshops are £85 and includes all items required to create your bespoke magical piece.

Payment is payable at the time of booking and 30 days prior to the workshop date.

If booking more than one Winter Workshop you are gifted 10% off

All payments are non refundable unless cancelled by Sanctum of the Priestess.