Winter Workshops

The Priestess has long created magic within the winter months, she withdraws into her homestead to craft and work within the darkness of the cycle to make her strongest and most powerful magical creations, that will imbue her home and being throughout the coming year.


As the days darken and the nights lengthen it is the optimum time of enchanting and creating protection and healing items of magic and powerful holding. Replacing those of the cycle and year before that have completed their working and are now released into the space of letting go and replaced with fresh warding and protective action.


The Winter Workshops with Phiona will not only guide you in making your own enchanted and bespoke item that is personalised to your energy and infused with magic, you will be provided with all the items needed to create your own working of requirement. Most are vintage and already hold tremendous energy, or are locally foraged, found or sourced ethically. With items already blessed for specific working for you to add your own working and energy within. At the end of the workshop you are able to take home all you have created and imbued with magic and healing energy to enchant yourself, a loved one or home space for the coming year.


These are In Person Workshops and are limited to groups of 4 to ensure the magic is held during the time together and the space to create your magical item. Workshops are always held on the third Sunday of the month 1pm- 4pm UK time


Each workshop is £85 payable at the time of booking and 30 days prior to the workshop date.

If booking more than one Winter Workshop you are gifted 10% off

All Payments are non refundable unless cancelled by Sanctum of the Priestess.

Regular price £85.00
Regular price £85.00