Afghan Jade

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 The gift of the Great Mother in her embodiment of the serpent.  Afghan Jade known as Snake Stone that winds its being around the physical form to protect it and shield it from negative aspects and illness within the aura. Serpentine stone is an ancient aspect of the ancestors, harnessing their wisdom of protection magic within the core depths of SHE. The snake charms itself throughout all forms of the physical and spiritual aspect that aligns the being to Divine Source and its awakening journey. 

Towers harness the directional vibrational power of the stone. Amplifying the frequency at the point of meeting. Useful in the centre of any space, home, office, circle, grid or room. Unifying the essence of the Great Mother in pinnacle aspect as she forms laser pointed energy formation to bring the highest of energetic activity into one point. Or in reversal to release energy out of any space.

A useful aid and tool of the healer and magic worker to harness potent energy into targeted zone of being, grounding the higher consciousness into our dimensional landscape to raise its energy in the form of utilisation.


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