Amethyst Root/ Dragon’s Tooth

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This high quality Amethyst root has been ethically sourced to harness its abundant power. Fashioned from a natural amethyst root that holds the raw power of Mother Nature in her deepest of wonder. This piece utilises the ancestors empowering form within it. Held in hand it will enchant the user to channel their energy directly from Source and open a dialect of unconscious mind to that of conscious manifestation. Opening the Seers eye and channelling the Oracle of the Divine through the sceptre and into all it is directed towards. Utilised for all psychic realms and protecting against psychic attack returning all back to the Great Mother for her to transmute into universal vibrational form. 

Also known as Dragons Tooth this formation holds the wisdom of the ancient beasts that accompanied  the Magi during ritual and rite, held within the memory of the amethysts form of living being.

Amethyst created from the irradiation of Iron during its creation ensures strength of mind and healing, amplifying energy and power as it flows throughout the crystals point. Opening the gateway to the higher consciousness, the psychic realm of intuitive guidance and aligning the soul to Source for Divine living. 

Working with Amethyst for the mind brings understanding to vision and dreams, aiding in restful sleep to ensure the depth of prophecy in spiritual living.

Working with this stone of the earth can assist in astral travel to other realms and pockets of consciousness to heal, balance, empower and awaken. 




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