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These high quality Aquamarine towers have been ethically sourced to harness its abundant power. Fashioned from a natural aquamarine that holds the raw power of Mother Nature in her deepest of wonder. This piece utilises the ancestors empowering form within it. Held in hand it will enchant the user to channel their energy directly from Source and open a dialect of unconscious mind to that of conscious manifestation. Opening the Seers eye and channelling the Oracle of the Divine through the point of its termination and into all it is directed towards. Utilised for courage and protection of sensitivity, quietening the chatter of the overthinking mind and gifting the noise of anxiety to the Great Mother for her to transmute into universal vibrational form. 

Towers harness the directional vibrational power of the stone. Amplifying the frequency at the point of meeting. Useful in the centre of any space, home, office, circle, grid or room. Unifying the essence of the Great Mother in pinnacle aspect as she forms laser pointed energy formation to bring the highest of energetic activity into one point. Or in reversal to release energy out of any space.

A useful aid and tool of the healer and magic worker to harness potent energy into targeted zone of being, grounding the higher consciousness into our dimensional landscape to raise its energy in the form of utilisation.

It is said that aquamarine is the child bearers Stone, protecting mother and unborn child during pregnancy, with shield of the Lady of life holding guided vigil to ensure safe carriage of life  

Working with aquamarine promotes voice of clarity and ones own truth. Opening the vocal frequency for the soul to be heard and no longer muted within human aspect 

Working with this stone of the emotions can being a deep sense of peace and tranquility. Holding the emotional rebirth as its core value. Transforming the emotional journey of understanding and awareness. This serene stone of the sea holds a great depth and works upon the layers placed upon the human form with get all tidal ebb and flow to release and heal.  
A fabulous gift of the Great Mother to cleanse the soul, body, mind and spaces.A stone of the emotions and emotional self that conveys the embrace of letting go and opening to trust. A talisman of luck for sailors and all who travel the seas, and also said to commune with Mermaids.Aquamarine is also a communicator stone that allows clarity of voice and intentions to be heard.

Text © 2021 Phiona Hutton ~ Earth Mother Shoppe

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