Awakening Tea 100g

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Awakening tea 100g

A arousing and refreshing blend of

Dandelion leaf

Horse Tail


Nettle leaf

Celery seed

Birch leaf

Awakening Tea has been blended with the specific intention of awakening the mind body and soul. To bring about focus, mindfulness, creativity, and movement. It maybe after a period of illness or trauma, it could be used during the winter months when that extra kick of energy is needed to get going. It can be utilised at the start of the day to awaken the body to the day ahead. Or in spring time as a tea tonic to align your energy to that of the cycle around you.

This blend can also be utilised to empower intentions, to support manifestations and mindset and clear away the blocks that prevent movement of energy.

Aroma: The first connection to this blend is through its aroma. The scent invigorates the senses. Firing the synapsis within the mind to awaken and inspire. It’s musky and earthy scent stirs something awake within the soul. The body stretching outwards in deep yawn as it begins to move outwards. The scent surges through the bodies systems switching them on and syncing them so they work in unison, together in harmony.

Taste: the next connection is as we take sip of the arousing liquid, the mild taste of this blend refreshing the palette and cleansing the tastebuds and olfactory. Resetting them to begin anew and again. A savoury blend that surges through the physical as a tonic of life force.

Feels: The Awakening blend is lightening infused energy as it bounces within the being. Shaking all awake to stir and move. Stimulating the mind into action, firing up the energy of the body and emotions. Sunshine in a cup to brighten any day or moment that needs that spark of inspiration to awaken and become.


*Each tea is hand blended and may differ slightly in taste and appearance from one batch to another.*

The Earth Mother Apothecary Tea Shoppe is an infusion of home grown and organically sourced flowers, leaves, berries, barks and roots to bring about magic, healing, soothing, inspiration, and clarity.

Each blend has been created for its purpose and to enhance your own ability and connection as you journey throughout the day.

***It’s always recommended to avoid our blends during pregnancy or breast feeding, if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, have a medical condition that may contra indicate to the ingredients  or if you are currently taking medication that may cause a reaction***

If you’re unsure please do not hesitate to contact Phiona for advice before purchasing.

***may contain traces of nut***

How to use:

Tea for one

•Place a heaped teaspoon within a diffuser, teapot or tea strainer.

•Boil the kettle and allow to cool a little before pouring upon the blend.

•Once poured allow the blend to steep and infuse for as long as 10 minutes (cover with a cosy) to keep the brew warm) leaving for this time truly allows the blend to open its rich embodied taste, flavour and colour into the vessel.

•Once ready sip at leisure and  enjoy the energy that the blend holds.

•When finished with the strained blend it can be added to a bath for a sumptuous soak.

•all ingredients can be added to the compost once used.



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