Moonstone (Black) Intention Stone

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Black moonstone has only recently been gifted to the being from the earth spaces. A highly protective stone, activating the auric shield to defend and protect the soul during these transitioning times. A powerful ward and talisman against psychic attack and negative energy snd can also be utilised in hex and curse breaking workings. 

Back moonstone harnesses the dark aspect of the Great Mother and the shadow side of the moon. It’s perfect for shadow working, past life recall and dealing with the dark aspect of the soul. Empowering, aligning and balancing each to bring about deep energy of existence. 

Black moonstone can also be utilised in ancestral  connections, releasing of trauma and healing toxic relationships. It can be fashioned to work bindings and taglocks for deeper strength in application. 

Not only does this stone harness the Great another’s deep love and protection, it can unleash her wrath also. 

When the stone is fashioned into an Intention Stone, it becomes tactile and ideal to be held and moved about in the hand. As we dress the stone with oils and empower our thoughts within it, we commute it into a powerful charm. Those who follow magic or those who don’t, do not differ in how an intention stone is empowered. 

We can gift it our anxieties, our fears, grief, burdens. We can empower it with hope, happiness, joy, healing. Or protection and many other intentions that we cast upon it. 

It can be a companion to carry to remember those who have passed. It can be a stone to hold to remind oneself of who you are. It can be a ward and charm to carry magic in portable size. Intentions stones coupled with the energy of the crystal itself are amazingly magical and harness deep healing power. 

One Intention Stone will be intuitively chosen for you. If you have a specific need in mind please feel welcome to message so that one is chosen with your desired petition. 

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Weight: 150g-200g


Picture for reference only- Products may vary in shape, size and colour from one in image. 

PLEASE NOTE: One palm stone will be intuitively chosen for you. 

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Mysterious Moonstone

I so look forward to getting my orders, as they so well packaged and have little surprises too! :) Its hard to get good quality Black Moonstones, also the large sizes so am well pleased to get this one. They are well priced and great quality. Thank you