Tourmaline (Black)

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These natural black Tourmaline chunks are raw in their embodiment and left as found from the depths of the earth. Still pulsating to the rhythm of the Great Mother’s pulsing beat at her core and heart of the earths spaces. 

It is the ultimate balancer of energy, and repels the darkest of all energy, it blocks and protects from negativity and releases tensions. 

it is highly grounding and anchors the soul not only within the bodily form but also that of the earth. To align it squarely upon its journey and pathway. Tourmaline can aid in pulling one back into the sense of being during a mental breakdown or depression. 

The Great Mother pours her potent essence and consumes all negative action into the black abyss of her being.  Supporting the release of anxiety and paranoia, balancing the disruptive energy that halts one upon their journey. 

Tourmaline is a perfect companion in the defence of the darker paths, shielding against hex, curse and psychic attack. 

It’s dark allure is perfect for connecting the lost soul back to its physical vessel and communing with the souls of the passed. 

Tourmaline is also wonderful for when Scrying or astral travel as its power tethers the holder to the earth as it moves with ease through the over realms 

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Height: Av. 8cm

Weight:Av. 170g





Height: Av. 7.5cm

Weight:Av. 340g


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