Bloodstone Heart

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The beautiful gift of Bloodstone crystal from the depths of the Earth Mothers core to guide and support the human existence and journey.


A stone of courage to instil the faith of all we are and that of which we can become. A stone that supports our energy field and increases its vitality and essence.


A stone of deep motivation to gift us strength to move forwards and release, remove blocks that hold us back or prevent our growth.


It calms and grounds the being and soothes anxiety and stress. It helps bring focus and presence of mind to the current situation


A beautiful Jasper of the earth and from the earth to accompany the journey of the soul within human form.


To cleanse and purge the bloods of the systems and  ensure all is purified for a spiritual way of living. So called as the bloods of the Great Mother fell and combined with the greens of the earth spaces.


A stone of noble sacrifice where no other is found and brings the gift of courage to let go or continue and as such embodies a deep healing of mind body and soul.

This amazingly intricately carved heart is the most incredible accompaniment for healing, magic and love workings and rituals. 

The heart can be held in hand or placed upon shrine and worked as a focal point for petition  




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