Apatite (Blue) Dragon Head

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This high quality Apitate dragons head has been ethically sourced to harness its abundant power. Carved from a natural apitate that holds the raw power of Mother Nature in her deepest of wonder. This piece utilises the ancestors empowering form within it. Held in hand it will enchant the user to channel their energy directly from Source and open a dialect of unconscious mind to that of conscious manifestation. Opening the Seers eye and channelling the Oracle of the Divine through the carving and into all it is directed towards.

A divine stone of manifestation and unconditional love. This stone aids in the completion of cycles, connected deeply to the past yet open freely to the future. Deepening the connection to the Divine and directly to that of source.

Apitate harnesses the power of the psychic senses, igniting the dormant ones and heightening those already within use. The realms of the being are centred  and balanced in alignment to the three bodies or physical, mental and soul form. Apitate brings balance to the subconscious, unconscious and conscious aspects of the journey. 

The ancient being of the dragon is held within the crystal carving of the stone. Imbuing the wisdom of these majestical beings that are hidden from our vision within modern world.

Working with the energy of the Dragon essence connecting the earth to that of source. Dragons are the record holders of ancient wisdoms that have long left our plane. Yet impart deep understanding to the aspect of magic and healing. Sharing knowledge of long forgotten lands and Magi that worked closely within season and cycle. Fiercely protective dragon defends all it holds loyalty towards and protects until its passing. Yet holds deep healing within its breath that soothes the ailing and broken body. A metamorphic creature that harbours change and transition as it awakens from sleep to movement. Connecting the holder with the deepest aspects of the Great Mother and her wisdoms.

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