Caribbean Calcite Sphere

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Carribean calcite

This beautiful embodied crystalline form of the Great Mother is a spiritual activation stone that awakens and deepens the psychic senses.


Combining blue calcite and white aragonite ethically sourced from Pakistan. It resonates deeply with the essence of Avalon and her healing ability for the earth spaces and all who reside upon it.


Only recently discovered in 2019 this is a stone for our time and transition of conscious awakening. Aiding the personal shift of energy and being of the soul in this transcending time.


As the earth shifts its frequency we too are shifting and this stone is here to guide and support that shift, connecting us deeply to source and the wisdom it harnesses.


The stone is one of peace and reflection that allows deep gravitational movement of mind, body and soul. Working with this crystal will open you to the most wonderful aspect of soul living.

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Weight: 485g


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