Carnelian Bowls

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The life force of the Great Mother and of the womb space. Connected directly to the placenta of life, birthing vitality and wellbeing.


A stone of courage and bold aspect to support the choices that are right for the soul. Motivating the movement for harmony and equilibrium.


A perfect companion for leadership and voicing compassion as the leader of holding.


A stone of fertility on the physical sense of human life and also of manifesting dreams and desires.


It’s a fire stone of the phoenix and transmutes change and rebirth of ideas and physicality.


A perfect companion for those who struggle to be heard through anxiety or fear of speaking.


Also aiding our sexuality and the power within its being of creation and prowess






Weight: 700g-900g


Picture for reference only- Products may vary in shape, size and colour from one in image. 

PLEASE NOTE: One bowl will be intuitively chosen for you.