Clear Quartz Earth Mother Prayer Position

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Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz brings clarity to our being and spaces. A master healer and amplifier of energy and intuition.


This stone is the perfect accompaniment to spiritual awakening and growth. It’s a high vibrational frequency formation and the clearer the stone the higher the vibrational essence.


Activating the mind and clearing the physical aspect that prevents spiritual clarity. It reflects negative energy and acts as an energetic protection field.


It’s a wonderful clearer of all planes and of stagnant energy that has pooled after illness or trauma.


It aligns the mind to the physical and awakens dormant energy to deepen the spiritual aspect. Enhancing spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.


Clear Quartz amplifies concentration and also engages memory. It brings clarity to a muddled mind and space and anchors the Great Mothers wisdom into our worldly spaces.