Obsidian (Gold Sheen) Earth Mother

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Gold Sheen Obsidian a variant of black obsidian and birthed within the same way. As the molten lava  emerges from the depths of the earth it cools into volcanic glass and the solidifying of the essence of the Great Mother. Gold Sheen is formed as the lava cools rapidly and gasses are trapped just beneath the surface, gifting the beautiful Gold Sheen. 

This variant is the transmutation stone of the Priestess. A stone of magic  and power. Harnessing the Magi soul and empowering it triple fold. Yet we cannot embrace and utilise that full power until we are healed and balanced within the past traumas that we hold and carry. 

This is the stone of self awareness and understanding. Without ego or judgment. Grounding all into the Divine spaces of the earth and her protective magnetic field to protect the holder. 

Gold Sheen harnesses the Inner Warrior of being and holds security to the embodiment of self discovery upon the spiritual journey. 

Gold Sheen holds a portal Energy between the living and the passed. The liminal boundary between each and bringing them together as one. Just as the lava is purged from the depths of the inner spaces and consumes the earth places. Connecting each to the other. 

These beautiful hand selected and ethically sourced hand held Earth Mothers are a wonderful amplifier and addition to those working with the Divine Feminine energy or to connect and deepen the awareness of the feminine power of Source. They are best utilised in the palm as a worry stone to aid in release of stress and anxiety or to empower and balance, remove and heal blockages, stagnant energy and negative influences, including addictions and habitual reliance’s. Held in the palm conveying the power of inward and outward conduit to balance and restore the mind, body and soul.  Coupled with the aspect of the stone to embody its vibration in aspect to the deep form of connection to the earth and ancient being.

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