Aventurine (Green) Shrine Earth Mother

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Green Aventurine holds the abundance of the earths prosperity within its form. Bringing the self closer to the embodiment of the Great mothers embrace as her advocate and ambassador. Harnessing the earths green allure of peace, harmony and healing.

Green Aventurine specifically actions self love and aids in releasing heartache, guilt, sorrow and grief. As a stone of the earth, it holds the ecosystem within its formation and helps in the protection of pollutants. 

It is a stone of compassion and empathises with all living vibrations. Supporting in the opening of the empath and protects the energy of the empaths being. 

it is a stone of the heart space and opens our heart to the joy of living and engaging upon our designation of spiritual growth . 

This beautiful hand selected and ethically sourced  Earth Mother is a wonderful addition to the Sacred Shrine Space to harness the Divine Feminine energy or to connect and deepen the awareness of the feminine power of Source. The Earth Mother is best utilised to empower and balance, remove and heal blockages, stagnant energy and negative influences, including addictions and habitual reliance’s. Placed upon shrine or altar, she brings direct working connection of the ancient Goddess in her original form of whole being. Honouring the SHE of all life and being, she empowers your spaces, life and connection of the Divine

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