Hawthorn Blossom Flower Essence

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Hawthorn Blossom Flower Essence 15ml

The flower of the heart in all its aspect, yet none deeper than that of the broken heart. One that holds grief and mourning for all matter and being. Sometimes it’s simply who we used to be that we mourn, or a time and place long forgotten. Sometimes it’s the physical loss of a loved one, human or animal that we become consumed in grief and lose our love of life. Hawthorn gently aids us in the letting go of what was and encourages us to embrace what will be. Imbued within myth and magic hawthorn also supports our journey into the spiritual form of awareness and removes the last blocks that limit the self. Gifting courage to face adversity and times of deep sorrow, Hawthorn soothes the heart in gentle embrace as it heals into its fullness once more.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Vodka, Infusion of Hawthorn Flowers

As with all the Earth Mother Shoppe apothecary essences, the delicate flowers are gathered late morning as the sun is cresting upon the garden space of the Apothecary.

Each petal is carefully gathered with the intention of its vibrational energy that can be harnessed within a remedy to being deep and gentle healing.

Placed with love and care into the crystal vessel, along with spring water that has been blessed within the most recent Full Moon. The flowers nestle under the sun for 3 hours. Infusing their vibration into the vessel and liquid. Combining not only the flower energy but that too of the crystal to double infuse heightened energy into the remedy.

Carefully collected once the remedy is ready and combined with organic vodka to preserve the magical elixir. All our remedies are worked within one session to harness the energy of the day, the cycle and time to ensure the optimum essence is created.

Directions for working with our Flower Essence

Dosage recommendations.

Gently agitate the bottle before using. Draw the pipette and drop three drops either directly onto the tongue or mixed with spring water in a glass to sip when needed.

Take three drops initially upon waking and three drops before retiring to bed at the end of the day.

Extra drops can be taken as needed. To do this. Take a drop each time you think of the essence (as this is its way of calling to you)

The essence is safe to take long term. Just be mindful of any medical interactions you may have personally and that the remedy does contain alcohol.

Keep in a cool, dark place, stored away from bright light and sun. Do not store in the fridge or around strong aromas.
and not with herbs or coffee.

Ingredients. Ensure Flower Essences are kept away from children and animals.

Flower remedies do not replace medical treatment or guidance. If you are having recurrent physical symptoms seek medical intervention immediately.


Keep out of reach of children.

Consult your GP or medical care provider before using if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Always check any contra- indications to any allergies you have and / or any medication you take that maybe affected by the essence.

May contain traces of nuts.

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