House Blessings Amulet

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The House Blessing Amulet brings about the specific need for blessings  to encompass the homestead  its embodiment as the home space.

Working on the higher frequency for the souls aspect, this Amulet is enchanted to awaken the House Blessing transition that is required for bliss and security. A home is not just bricks and mortar, it is a sentient living being that absorbs the energy of the land it is built upon. Of all the souls who have dwelled within it and all it has seen.

To place a House Blessing Amulet within the Homestead brings a blessing to the spirits of the heart space. Honouring it’s energy and form. An ancient practice harnessed by our ancestors. To protect, bless and honour the space.

With the addition of  herbs, oils and crystals for House Blessings that are carefully blended and placed within the charmed vessel the amulet begins to awaken. Additional items are placed within, to bring bespoke connection for the petition and need. All handcrafted by Phiona within the Full Moon to empower and harness the full House Blessing element of the moons aspect.

A House Blessing amulet placed in the home can soothe disturbed energy, placed above the bed can aid the soul healing.

House Blessing amulets can aid in pacifying a restless space  cleansing stagnant energy, healing discord and discontent, and bringing calm, peace and harmony to the space. Bringing a Divine essence within space and being.

House Blessings Amulets can be customised and bespoke commissions created for specific needs and requirements




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