Jasper Shrine Earth Mother

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The stone of the Earth and her Mothers nurture. Depicted within differing face for need and requirements.

A stone of the calming and grounding aspect of the earths magnitude and the support and love of a mother.

Jasper encourages us to be all we can be, with encouragement and nurture that a mother shows a child.

It provides safe space for the release of emotions, to cry, to laugh, to feel heard and validated and encouraged.

A stone for new ventures and exploration to bring courage and strength to walking new ground and pathways.

Reassuring the being of the direction undertaken when we feel unsure and questioning.

Jasper is a companion stone and accompany the seeker upon journey and adventure.

An autumnal stone of letting go and releasing all that no longer serves purpose to the soul for its learning and growth.

Jasper keeps us present and not locked to the past or living in the future. It helps us  to delve into the experiences of the moment and appreciate every part.

It’s deepest gift is of gratitude. To be grateful for all we are and experience, the good and the bad. For each is a gift of learning and experience that we can apply to our becoming.



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