Aventurine (Blue) Earth Mother

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Blue Aventurine is a activation stone of the consciousness and Divine aspect of the Great Mother. Harnessing Silicone Dioxide with minute inclusions of copper to activate it’s beautiful hue.
With its clarity of Quartz it’s a beautiful stone to engage the communion of the Divine Feminine as she gifts her wisdom through the third eye of connection. Gently over time she removes the veil of mystery and reveals the gifts of the senses.

Supporting the mental aspects of being and holding clarity to mind, aiding in the recognition of addictive  personality and the need of its balance. Brings in the clarity of voice to the overthinker and the freedom of the mindset. Blue Aventurine embraces the Feminine in her nurture of holding.

This beautiful hand selected and ethically sourced  Earth Mother is a wonderful addition to the Sacred Shrine Space to harness the Divine Feminine energy or to connect and deepen the awareness of the feminine power of Source. The Earth Mother is best utilised to empower and balance, remove and heal blockages, stagnant energy and negative influences, including addictions and habitual reliance’s. Placed upon shrine or altar, she brings direct working connection of the ancient Goddess in her original form of whole being. Honouring the SHE of all life and being, she empowers your spaces, life and connection of the Divine. Beautifully carved to harness the Earth Mother energy within form and stone. A wonderful addition to the shrine space and altar to work with the Divine Feminine through this carving.

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