Lepidolite Pyramid

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A beautiful embodied stone of deep layered transition and change. This stone gently aids in the removal of the layers of the self that prevent the soul living its full aspect and journey.


It’s supports the search of wellbeing and feeling wholesome within the place of holding upon our earth spaces.


Peeling the layers away of humanity and society and even ancestral aspect that have conditioned the self into living small, caged and clipped.


We often can support the mother wound and inner child healing with this gentle soothing energy of lepidolite. Actioning inner peace and soothing of the soul from the drama and wounds of life.


Supporting the immune system for healthy homeostasis of the physical, alongside the calm of the mental aspect and to cleanse and restore the energy field.


Full of gentle nurturing energy of the great Mother and her embrace as we journey life’s map of many pathways and obstacles.





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