Misty Clear Quartz Sphere

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Misty clear quartz


Misty or Milky Quartz brings clarity to our being and spaces. A master healer and amplifier of energy and intuition.


This stone is the perfect accompaniment to spiritual awakening and growth. It’s a high vibrational frequency formation and the clearer the stone the higher the vibrational essence.


The Milky form of Quartz holds a deep wisdom within it and is a wonderful tool for the Scrying soul connection to the Oracle aspect of the Seer.


It is one of the most powerful healing stones of our time and often the most underrated. As we are shifting consciousness it will aid that shift snd awaken deep enriching wisdoms of wonder and enchantment.


Gazing into a Misty Quartz sphere will grace the seer with all they seek for the self or others and unlock the  deep wisdoms needed of our time.


This stone guides us into our own power and self awareness of all we are and can become. It holds the purity of the Divine and the deepest of connections to the Great Mother as she shifts our spiritual aspect into a soul led form.

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