Ocean Jasper Earth Mother with Spiral Bowl

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Ocean Jasper is a stone of bringing alignment of the mind, body, and soul.  Comprised of Silicone Dioxide and another precious member of the Quartz family. Gathered from a specific location from the earths bounty that is only accessible at low tide. With awakening and embracing the sense of purpose and life path. The whisper of the Great Mother is held within the echo of the formation within each molecule as it has formed within her earth spaces over millennia.  Ocean Jasper utilises the hushed voice of the earth and aids in our voice being heard. The stone and talisman of true expression. The Divine aspect holds centre point to our human form and activates the heart centre of unconditional love for the self. The Divine Mother flows through the connection with stone and touch, creating movement as did the very water that aided the creation of this precious stone.


Ethically sourced and beautifully carved to harness the Earth Mother energy within form and stone. A wonderful addition to the shrine space and altar to work with the Divine Feminine through this carving.

Height: 12.55cm