Pink Opal

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Pink Opal is ethically sourced from Peru.  Harnessing the deepest of love for the self and the environment. Pink Opal brings a deep sense of worth and being.


Aiding with all matters of the heart space to bring healing and balance in the souls unison of living within a human form.


A stone of the awakened time of the spiritual sense of understanding and the purpose for being upon the earth at this time.


Opening a love for all living aspect and the energy that is harnessed from deep within the core of the soul. Pink Opal sees no sides or boundaries, just peace and live within all things living snd promotes that love to come to the fore. Holding compassion for life and all its twists and turns.


Pink Opal encourages community and companionship and calls those of the same essence together to anchor the divine upon the earth spaces.

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