Obsidian (Rainbow) Spheres

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Formed within the cooling volcanic lava trapping magnetite particles as it began to solidify, Rainbow Obsidian was birthed. A beautiful gift of the Great Mother as she shared the visual embodiment of the fractured light spectrum to bring hue of multiple colour to tue surface. 

A stone of uplifting and inspiring essence that is utilised for trauma, grief, sorrow and depressive mindset. To refract the darker light into gentle rainbow illumination to life mood and being. 

Rainbow Obsidian aids in the coming to terms of the previously unaccepted way of being. Of hearing, feeling and living a healing aspect of the heart space. 

It is often referred to as Fire Obsidian as it rekindles the spark and passion for life. It grounds the soul by gently anchoring the being into a sacred space to allow healing to take slow embrace until the being is ready to hold the self. 

Rainbow Obsidian brings love and joy into the life path just as seeing a rainbow on a rainy day lifts the soul and brings a lift to the step which is heavy and laboured. 

Spheres are the ultimate embodiment of the Seers and psychics working tool. Written and shared within media and film and conjures the epitome of magical practice.

Spheres are indeed the most ancient form of Scrying and divining for connective vision of prophecy and foretelling.

Gifting the holder with the oracle eye of the Great Mother and her ability of the infinite seer of life.

Collecting the conscious energy of the ancestors and their wisdom that is passed in Divine channel to the intuitive sat before its energy.

Spheres, crystal balls, or orbs are carefully carved from the natural rock and awakened in sacred ceremony to harness the orbicular essence.

There is just something mystical working with crystal spheres, no matter of size or stone.

It connects to the very existence of Source and awakens the inner most consciousness that holds the highest vibrational frequency to enable deep reading of the fluctuations of the invisible essence to translate its interpretation of the energy of the holder.

Utilised by adept Magi for the ultimate reading to bring knowledge, wisdom and awareness. Harnessed by the novice for deep connection and understanding and by the healer to bring about the rounding wholeness of well being and equilibrium.   

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