Love Talisman

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Love Talisman

Crafted and created to bring love to the holder of this beautiful enchanted talisman. Made with ancient crafting from the ways of the ancestral power and magic and imbued with scented aroma of infused herbs and crystal infusion to embody the power of affection and self love.

Each ribbon hung under willow tree of the full moon to harness the magic of the illumination of fullness of the silver blessing of the Great Mothers aspect.

Each bead enchanted as its threaded upon thread to empower the breath of life. Washed in Moon water to bring the flow of directional energy into the spaces of the holder.

The horseshoe itself the ancient symbol of protection of energy as all vibrational motion enters the top of the left side and released on the right.

The energy nestles within the shape of the iron vessel and unifies the power of devotion essence to the holder.

Once created and birthed the whole talisman sits within one full moon cycle and embodies the elements. Empowering, enriching and enchanting its combined creation.

Ready to be birthed into the holders space to adorn the petition and need of love and care .

All handcrafted by Phiona within the Full Moon to empower and harness the full healing element of the moons aspect.

A Love Talisman placed in the home can enchant the user with abundant energy, placed in the work space brings in passion in business. To place in personal places to bring about personal romance.

Talismans can be customised and bespoke commissions created for specific needs and requirements 




Picture for reference only- Products may vary in shape, size and colour from one in image.