Rose/ Clear Quartz Half and Half Towers

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The stone of unconditional love. The stone of deep love of the self and nurture in its full embodied embrace.


Rose Quartz the relationship stone. Inviting an unconditional love of the self before all else, before turning of all others in a healing connection that is only felt within the Divine hold of the Great Mother.


Rose Quartz harnesses the Mother aspect of the heart space and can heal generational wounds of the matriarchs. The binding of power and magic that has been passed from generation to generation.


Healing all that came before and all that is still yet to come. Working with Rose Quartz is the healing of the self of all that has crossed the path in this lifetime and those of the past.


Seeing beyond the illusion of blocks and hurdles and seeing the true purpose of lessons and encounters from a place of love to absorb the true meaning.


Releasing fears, anger, doubts and negativity and replacing with divine love to release all that is not a part of the truth of the journey.


Rose Quartz is a gentle stone that vibrates within the current frequency to awaken it fully and raise the awareness of conscious being. Healing the imbalances and impurities absorbed by human living and journeying.


A beautiful family stone to bring harmony to the living spaces of the home as well as a stone of work to align energy of different aspects. This stone truly is a piece of love and of the earths greatest gifts to humanity.


Rose Quartz is a stone all should acquire to adorn the personal connection of the love of the devotional form of the journey.

Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz brings clarity to our being and spaces. A master healer and amplifier of energy and intuition.


This stone is the perfect accompaniment to spiritual awakening and growth. It’s a high vibrational frequency formation and the clearer the stone the higher the vibrational essence.


Activating the mind and clearing the physical aspect that prevents spiritual clarity. It reflects negative energy and acts as an energetic protection field.


It’s a wonderful clearer of all planes and of stagnant energy that has pooled after illness or trauma.


It aligns the mind to the physical and awakens dormant energy to deepen the spiritual aspect. Enhancing spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.


Clear Quartz amplifies concentration and also engages memory. It brings clarity to a muddled mind and space and anchors the Great Mothers wisdom into our worldly spaces.

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