Obsidian (Silver Sheen) Source of Life (Female)

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Silver Sheen Obsidian holds all the vibrational attributes of Obsidian. Yet the Silver Sheen connects the illumination of the moons aura into the ground spaces.  Illuminating the shadows to empower healing and clear stagnant and barren pockets of the spiritual from. 

The moons reflection is held within the silver hue and holds promise of transitional phase of transition. Silver Sheen encourages, nurtures and caresses the release of the harsh lessons that lock the soul into hardship. 

Silver Sheen is the Seers Stone, opening the portal of the realms of the unseen. Gifting wisdoms to be told and shared to those who are seeking. 

This beautiful hand selected and ethically sourced  Source of Life is a wonderful addition to the Sacred Shrine Space to harness the Divine Feminine energy or to connect and deepen the awareness of the feminine power of Source. The Earth Mother is best utilised to empower and balance, remove and heal blockages, stagnant energy and negative influences, including addictions and habitual reliance’s. Placed upon shrine or altar, she brings direct working connection of the ancient Goddess in her original form of whole being. Honouring the SHE of all life and being, she empowers your spaces, life and connection of the Divine.

The Source of life, gifts the space of the sanctity of ultimate embodiment of the feminine. Aiding in the healing of the Mother Wound and an ancestral healing. Perfect for fertility rites and workings to enrich the magical workings in all aspects.

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