Strawberry Quartz Earth Mother

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This beautiful Strawberry Quartz Earth Mother is looking for its forever home.

This is such a gentle piece of carved wonder that harnesses Divine love within its expression. A powerful supportive stone when experiencing life challenges, stress or anxiety. Aiding the gentle nurture during depression and times of despair. A stone of shamanic essence that connects the physical to the emotional and anchored by the soul. Aligning all for healthy wellbeing of mind and body.

Strawberry quartz embodies the inclusion of other minerals that gifts it the gentle hue, which in turn teaches the self to accept all we are and to harness every bit of the self.

Carved into the Earth Mother to bring strength, protection, ancestral wisdom and harnessing the path of the wise ones. Gifting connection to past lives and powers. In a gentle form of Divine Love and embodied nurture  perfect for shrine spaces and to harness the Great Mother aspect  

Ethically sourced from Chihuahua Mexico