Obsidian (Unpolished Black) Earth Mother

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Black Obsidian is a deeply protective glass formation stone birthed from deep with the volcanic eruptions of the Great Mothers most powerful surge of energy emitted upon the earth.

Not only is it a truly reflective stone, it holds the laborious expelling of all negativity. Purging all that surrounds it in explosive clearing, completely uprooting the cause of negative emotion and energy.  The true self is mirrored back when using Obsidian, with nowhere to hide from its illuminating truth.

Black Obsidian disperses unwanted attention and desires and casts it to flow in other directions away from the self.

Obsidian is a truth stone and the true form is revealed. When using it for Scrying no form of lie can be seen or told. It possesses only the reflections  of true being that can not be hidden out of its sight.

It holds deep protective elements that when held, placed around the home or spaces creates a defensive shield that protects all who dwell within it, but ail those who intend harm or ill intent.

It also aids mental peace and calm state of mind, gifting clear thinking, balance choices and alleviating  mental stress.

Black Obsidian opens the layers and portal journey of the soul, opening new growth and understanding to the pathway, clearing ancestral trauma and event.

This beautiful hand selected and ethically sourced  Earth Mother is a wonderful addition to the Sacred Shrine Space to harness the Divine Feminine energy or to connect and deepen the awareness of the feminine power of Source. The Earth Mother is best utilised to empower and balance, remove and heal blockages, stagnant energy and negative influences, including addictions and habitual reliance’s. Placed upon shrine or altar, she brings direct working connection of the ancient Goddess in her original form of whole being. Honouring the SHE of all life and being, she empowers your spaces, life and connection of the Divine

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